CHEK Project cruise vessel tested technologies

May 20, 2024

Project CHEK is leading the way in maritime decarbonization by combining innovative ship design and modern technologies working in synergies with the ambition of phasing out greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from long-distance shipping. Wind propulsion, hydrogen propulsion, waste heat recovery, battery electric power, hull air lubrication, ultrasound anti-fouling technology, and digitally-led operational improvements will be used in combination to demonstrate a possible reduction GHG emissions by 99%, and save at least 50% energy consumption.

HASYTEC’s ultrasound antifouling system hull prototype was successfully deployed and is currently being tested on the cruise and bulker vessels. Divers are now regularly conducting inspections to verify the effects of the system, while the company’s on-site engineers are performing software updates, to ensure the hull is kept clean. This improves ship performance, and also prevents the spread of invasive species from one location to another.

Cruise itinerary optimisation is a cutting-edge tool, developed and tested by MSC Cruises, which enables optimal itinerary planning taking into consideration environmental performance, commercial and technical aspects. The tool proof-of-concept demonstrated the functional integration of the simulated data into the automated route planning existing onboard.

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