6 December, 2022

CHEK Seminar: The role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation

As part of the CHEK project, a two-day international seminar on the role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation was held at the World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden in August 2022.

The seminar is in line with the IMO 2022 Maritime theme ‘New technologies for greener shipping’, reflecting the necessity for an international transition to a sustainable maritime sector. COP26 has set a clear mandate for increasing worldwide ambitions in greenhouse gas emissions reduction and a move away from unabated use of fossil fuels. It also underlined the need for global capacity building and collaboration in technological development and implementation to ensure that this challenge of global dimensions can be addressed.

Representatives from the IMO and the EU was brought together, with the central support of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project CHEK (deCarbonising sHipping by Enabling Key technology symbiosis on real vessel concept designs). During this two day this seminar, held in the WMU Sasakawa Auditorium, green technologies were discussed along with ways of promoting global collaboration and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation. As part of the seminar and project CHEK, a ‘Student Competition on Ideas for Greener Shipping Transportation’ was launched in early 2022, for which the award-giving ceremony took place at the seminar.

The seminar had a plenary session, a CHEK project session, a Maritime Cluster and Global Capacity Building session, and a research session with speakers coming from the IMO, European Commission, Shipping Industry, Ship and engine designers, academia, etc. The program and downloadable materials of the seminar can be found below.

27-29 September 2021

CHEK will be mentioned at the Zero-and Low Emission Innovation Forum

The IMO-UNEP-Norway Zero-and Low-Emission Innovation Forum is a three-day online/virtual global platform aimed at championing innovation to accelerate the transition of the marine sector towards a zero- and low-emission future. It was held on 27-29 September 2021 and focused on addressing specific needs of developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

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