CHEK Project Workshop Unveils Key Insights for Sustainable Maritime Future

In the News
November 20, 2023

As part of the ongoing CHEKproject, an online workshop took place, addressing the critical aspects of"Shipyards’ View on CHEK Technologies and Their Production andInstallation." The workshop was organized in collaboration with the CHEKproject partnersand SDARI(Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute).

The CHEK project, short for"Carbon-reducing sHipping by Enabling Key technology symbiosis on realvessel concept designs," is an initiative aimed at developinganddemonstratingtwo types of near net-zero vessels designs: a wind energyoptimised bulk carrier and a hydrogen powered cruise vessel, both equipped witha combination of innovative technologies working in symbiosis in order toreduce greenhouse gas emissions by 99%, achieve at least 50% energy savings.

The workshop's aim was to bridgethe gap between these emerging technologies and shipyards, offering a holisticperspective on how these innovations can contribute to reducing the industry'scarbon footprint. It addressed not only the opportunities but also the barriersassociated with the adoption of these technologies, including the handling ofsophisticated green fuels, cost factors, calculations of return on technology/Investment,political will, and, most importantly, ensuring the safety and reliability ofnew fuel sources.

Participants at the workshop discussedfuture technologies andthe practical hurdles facing these emerging technologies, such asmaritime safety, infrastructure, regulatory hurdles, financial constraints,training, and materials.

The CHEK project and SDARI,by coming together in this workshop, have discussed and tried to illuminate the path towardsa greener, more sustainable maritime industry. As technology and innovationcontinue to drive decarbonization efforts, global collaboration becomes morecritical than ever.