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May 5, 2024

Below is the list of public deliverables, conference papers and scientific paper of CHEK project.

Scientific paper

[1] Dong, Tuan, Shqipe Buzuku, Mia Elg, Alessandro Schönborn, and Aykut I. Ölcer. 2024. "Environmental Performance of Bulk Carriers Equipped with Synergies of Energy-Saving Technologies and Alternative Fuels" Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 12, no. 3: 425.

Conference papers

[1] Norbert Bulten, 2024. "Upgraded MMG-Methodology to Capture Gate-Rudder Performance Aspects". Eighth International Symposium on Marine Propulsors" smp’24, Berlin, Germany, March 2024. Link

[2] Kenneth Widell, Alessandro Schönborn, Tuan Dong, 2024. "Demonstration of Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier Using a Combination of Technologies". 10th Transport Research Arena, TRA 2024, Dublin, Ireland. Link

[3] Norbert Bulten, 2023. "Synergies of wind-propulsion and Gate-Rudder™ technology". RINA wind-propulsion conference 2023.

[4] Arun Krishnan, Tomasz Hinz and Grzegorz Mazerskibulk, 2023, "Bulk carrier with rigid sails – combined effects of realistic weather conditions", International Symposium on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design Safety, Manoeuvring and Operation May 24 – 26, 2023 Sopot, Hotel Eureka, Poland. Link

[5] Aykut Ölçer, Fabio Ballini, Alessandro Schönborn, Monica Canepa, Anas Alamoush, Peyman Ghaforian and, Natalia Calderón, 2024. "WMU roundtable on port energy transition and stakeholders engagement, 10.21677/marener.20240305, World Maritime University, Malmö. Link

[6] I Melillo, EA Craciun, F Papadopoulos, D Ambrosino, V Asta, C Traversa, 2023. "Managing CII through itinerary optimisation", CII RINA UK Conference 16-17 Jan 2024

Public deliverables

D8.3. Cost comparison for the fuel options. Link here

D10.3. Project Website. Link here

D10.4. Project video campaign. Link here

D10.5. Public competition on future sustainable shipping technologies. Link here

D10.6. CHEK GHG emissions simulator. Link here

D10.7. Summary of Communication and Dissemination. Link here

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