Student Competition on Ideas for Greener Shipping Transportation

March 7, 2022

Within the framework of dissemination and communication activities of the project, CHEK’s consortium will hold a student competition in 2022. The competition aims to promote research on green ideas in shipping transportation, connect students with the maritime industry and raise public awareness about the needs and developments in decarbonising shipping. The individual students or groups of students are encouraged/need to submit their ideas or research on decarbonisation of the shipping industry in the form of are port. The student competition can include submissions studying any type of green technologies and do not have to be linked directly with the objectives or technologies used in project CHEK. The ideas and work may be part of their student projects, dissertations. The submitted reports will be assessed by the selection panel to choose one winner.

Topics/ Scopes

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Energy saving/greenhouse gas reduction technologies in seaborne transportation
- Holistic view to encourage shipping decarbonisation
- Alternative marine fuels
- Wind or solar assisted ship propulsion
- Innovative energy storage
- Green shipping policies
- Green port technologies and operations
- Smart shipping network optimization
- Methodological approaches for improved energy efficiency


The selected student/group of students will receive a researcher prize of 1.000€ during the seminar ‘The role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation’ to be held at the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden on 30-31st August 2022. The prize winner will also receive a contribution towards his/her accommodation, travel expenses including daily subsistence allowance. In case of group submissions, only one person of the winning group will be granted this contribution.

 Competition rules:

  1. All participants will automatically give their permission for their submission to go public on the project website and are responsible to ensure that their contribution does not breach the copyright of others.
  2. Already published work may be submitted provided that it is the work of the participants and does not breach the copyright of others. Entering this competition will not result in any loss of copyright.
  3. Any student/young researcher registered at a College orUniversity is eligible. The participants must indicate a supervising professor/senior researcher/senior scientist in their organisation and contact details.
  4. The submissions will be initially assessed regarding their eligibility for the competition, and then be evaluated and ranked by a judging panel consisting of different CHEK project partners to ensure fair and equal treatment.
  5. The decision of the judging panel is final in every situation and no correspondence will be entered into.

Important dates:

Manuscript submission deadline: 27th May 2022
Winner notification: 30th June 2022
Winner presentation: August 2022

Forms & Templates

The template for the submission of proposals can be downloaded from here.
Only entries submitted following the specific format template will be accepted.
A form with participants’ details needs to be submitted along with the manuscript.
The proposals should be submitted to:

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The evaluation panel for the student competition comprising of five CHEK partners has selected a winner.